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Shower and bath lift EVE!

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Shower and bath lift EVE!

The one-of-a-kind, modern EVE! shower and bath lift is just the right tool depending on the mobility of your resident
to be able to safely and comfortably shower or bathe.

The EVE! is a highly manoeuvrable and easy-to-move lift that is versatile and can be used in any existing care bathtub.

The battery-powered electric motor makes for an infinitely variable and quiet height adjustment that will not agitate
the resident. With the asscociated handheld remote control, the lift can be operated simply and safely by one caregiver.

An integrated service module reports technical problems with the lift as well as necessary maintenance.
  • Made entirely of aluminium and stainless steel
  • 100% functional as a shower chair
  • Simply operation by only one staff member
  • Fits any modern care bathtub
  • Unresticted transfer fromt he NORA sit-to-stand llift to the seat lifter
  • The chassis is formed in a way that allows the resident to sit down on the seat whithout hindering the legs and heels
  • Ergonomically designed safety steering handles ensure accurate manoeuvring
  • Low entry height of only 49,5 cm
  • Clseod, easy-to-manoeuvre double castors
  • Handheld control unit with visual indication of battery level
  • Battery and charger are compatible with all BEKA Hospitec mobile lifts!
  • Version with digital scale
  • Replacement Battery
  • External Wall Charging Station
Max. Patient Weight 185 kg
Lifting Range 495 mm - 1.065 mm      
Lifting Power 570 mm
Length 950 mm
Width 680 mm  
Height 1.240 mm
Entry Height (minimum) 495 mm
2 Double Castors (front) Diameter 100 mm
2 Double Catsors (rear, with fixing) Diameter 100 mm
Free Space under Chassis 30 mm
Chassis height 140 mm
Battery 24 V