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Stand-up/ and raising aid NORA Aluminium

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Standing and raising aid NORA Alu

The standing and raising aid NORA Alu is characterized by its even lighter design.The chassis, the column and a lot of other components are made out of aluminium. The NORA Alu is easy moveable. The lifting arm has two additional attachment points to attach the clip belt for smaller persons up to a height of 160 cm. This allows them to stand upright for therapy and mobilization. The flexible knee pads are triple height adjustable to be adapt to smaller persons.

The NORA alu was specially designed for persons who have to a certain extent the ability to stand up temporarily with the help of support aids and is among the most popular activation lifts on the market. The NORA Alu is the ideal device to transfer the patient safely and comfortably ot to facilitate e.g. the transfer to the toilet without strain for the spine of the nursing staff. NORA Alu offers, besides the transfer of the resident, the excellent possibility for specific mobilization of the resident and therefore stabilizes and enhances the musculoskeletal system and circulation. This leads verifiably to a higher quality of life of your residents.
  • Even lighter design due to aluminium components
  • Two additional attachment points to attach the clip belt for smaller persons
  • Triple height adjustable knee pads
  • Easy handling
  • Electrically spreadable carrier frame
  • Easy moveable by double castors
  • Very high lifting range for raising the resident up to fully vertical stress on the legs
  • Cable remote control with display of the charging condition of the battery
  • Extra soft knee-pads with safety belts for maximum comfort and safety
  • Ergonomical handles for an optimal holding position during motion
  • Supporting handles for safe hold of the patient
  • Manual emergency lowering system
  • Max. patient weight: 200 kg
  • Specially designed, high-quality lifting belts available in different sizes

High-quality lifting belts ...

Available in different sizes.
Max. patient weight 200 kg
Weight 50,7 kg
Total lenght 1.027 mm
Min. lifting height 898 mm
Max. lifting height 1.726 mm
Total height 1.168 mm
Height of the carrier frame 126 mm
Width (outside) with closed chassis 700 mm
Width (inside) with spreaded chassis 897 mm