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Shower Trolley SINA Comfort

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Shower trolley SINA Comfort

The shower trolley SINA Comfort offers people in need of xare who can not be treated with the usual devices like bathing and showering lifts the optimal possibility to shower safely and comfortably. The transfer from a bed to a shower trolley takes place by moving the latter sidewards to the bed and repositioning the resident onto the shower trolley by means of a transfer aid. The pleasantly padded shower mattress offers a comfortable base on which the resident lies safely and comfortably. The high side rails provide an optimal protection against rolling down from the shower trolley. The dimensions fo the shower trolley are planed in such a way that it is applicable in any nursing bathroom. The stretcher can be positively as well as negatively adjusted and therefore it also applicable for a shock position. Due to its extremely stability the SINA Comfort shower trolley is even used inmany facilitiey as all-purpose mobile nursing table.

Available SINA Comfort models: SINA Comfort HYD 160; SINA Comfort HYD 200; SINA Comfort EL 160; SINA Comfort EL 200
  • Electrical and hydraulic height adjustment
  • Maximum stability by sturdy scissor-system
  • Completely made out of stainless steel, powder-coated
  • Adjustable rail with safety hinges for extension of the lying surface
  • Tiltable side rails with safety hinges for a trouble-free transfer
  • Positive and negative adjustment of the mattress, applicable for shock position
  • Pleasantly padded comfortable shower mattress
  • Flexible water drainage hose
  • Shower mattress 200
  • Shower mattress 160
  • Spare Battery
  • External charging unit
Length (by chioce) 1.740 or 2.040 mm
Width 760 mm
Lifting range 540-865 mm
SWL 165 kg