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Lifting Tub AVERO Comfort

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Lifting Tub AVERO Comfort

The modern, elegant and timeless tub shape of the AVERO Comfort fits unobtrsively in your new nursing bathroom and gives your residents, your staff and visitors at the same time the impression of a domestic surrounding.

Without fixation, due to its extraordinary stability, the tub stands solidly in the room and can be adjusted to the room conditions in an optimal way. Owing to the unique possibility to change a viewing direction a resident can enjoy a free view into a room. The care tub is applicable for all nursing lifts on the market.

Premium, chromed brass grips with distinctive design and additional, embedded in the tub rim insertions for a tub shortener give not only a distinctive look to the tub, but also excellent hold points to the resident.
  • Owing to the unique possibility to change a viewing direction a resident can enjoy a free view into a room
  • Modern, timeless design with domestic appearance
  • Ergonomical interior tub body for comfortable and safe bathing with or without hoist
  • Arm rests with grips for more comfort and safety
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Easy operation by means of a keypad
  • Pore-free surface for easy disinfection and optimal hygiene
  • Scalding protection for hand shower and tub spout
  • Adapted back shape of the tub body for more comfort

Offers the resident a choice of view into the room ...

The AVERO Comfort has a large internal space and attractive panelling and such is appealing from all angles. This unique feature also allows you to rotate the bath around and locate it in a position where the resident can have an unobstructed view of the room, without spoiling the elegant appearance and aesthetics of the bath or room.

Aromatherapy system ...

An integrated aromatherapy system, which when used in conjunction with the warm air spa, releases your chosen scent which can help to stimulate the senses. This is easy to operate and is completely maintenance free. (The aromatherapy system can only be used in conjunction with the air spa system.)  

Coloured light therapy system ...

Two LED lights built into either side of the bath tub give a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience with the option of selecting any colour manually or by an automatic light programm.

Air spa system ...

An integrated air spa system offers your resident a relaxing and stimulating bath due to the massaging effect created. In addition, there is no risk of any cross contamination from the jets as a result of an internal disinfection system.

Music sound system ...

Two premium integrated speakers in the tub transform the chosen music into water vibrations which create a unique state of the art sound experience for the resident. Music is played using a USB-connection port which means that each bather can have their chosen music played and changed on a regular basis. In turn, a water restistant hand held remote control enables easy operation.

Tub shortener ...

Contoured slots in the bath allow a footboard shortener to be used to reduce the tub size and give extra support to the resident.
Overall dimension 2.100 x 800 mm
Inside tub dimension (LxW) 1.770 x 575 x 400 mm
Lifting range 680 - 1.080 mm
Lifting capacity 4000 N per drive
Power supply 230 Volt
Frequency 50 Hz